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To keep our regular patients safe with increasing COVID numbers we are seeing less patients in a day.

This means that, at present, we are unable to take on new patients and if you have not been here before, you are advised to contact another practice.

As the pandemic situation becomes clearer in the coming months we hope to go back to accepting everyone that needs our help.

Richard and Lara are triple vaccinated and we confirm our current health status each day before treatments with a negative Rapid Antigen test.

Practice rooms are fitted with a negative pressure ventilation system similar to hospital isolation units, with a complete fresh air change every fifteen minutes.

High volume suction evacuate patient created aerosols directly to an outside waste system and practice air is not contaminated.

Fallow time – there is a delay of 15 minutes between patients leaving and entering. During this period surfaces and contact areas are disinfected. Barrier system protection is replaced.

Instruments are autoclave sterilized to international standards in annually complianced equipment.

Rubber dam tooth isolation is used when appropriate.

Contactless insurance claiming and payment through HICAPS and EFTPOS

Rapid Antigen Tests

As infected numbers increase you may be asked to take a Rapid Antigen Test before treatment. This will be carried out here with a nasal swab and take about 30 minutes to complete.

This will not be compulsory but if you do not wish it we may delay your treatment until our personal air filtration system, as used by UK front line NHS staff, has been delivered in June.

A Vaccination Certificate will not be required though we strongly advise you to protect yourself and our community with vaccinations and follow the Chief Medical Officer’s advice. It is based on science.

If you are unwell then cancel – there is no charge

If you wish to be seen please phone  96711 822  and leave a message as we may be in surgery.  We will return your call as soon as we are free.

Dr Richard Morgan                                     8th March 2022


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