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Welcome to Wongan Dental on Ackland

We are a Country Practice in the Heart of the Wheatbelt providing all aspects of general dental treatment to our local and neighbouring communities.

Initiated by the local Shire our premises have been a source of dental services for some 40 years and have recently been extensively modernised and newly equipped under the direction of Dr Richard Morgan and Dental Nurse Lara.

This modern surgical environment, together with our experience and ethics in providing appropriate advice and treatment will help you to improve your dental health. Treatments are individualized and relate what you need to what you can afford.

Country 25

Our aim is to encourage more Country people to take an interest in their oral health and to do this we have reduced our fees to 75% of that of the average WA dentist – we have called our initiative Country 25. By doing this we hope to make dentistry more accessible and more affordable to Country people. All patients are entitled to this benefit. Private dental insurance will reduce your costs and your rebate is paid directly to us through our HICAPS electronic link – so no need for paper claims. We also do not collect a Gap Payment so treatment that does not include technician’s fees will incur no cost for you. Pension card holders also have this same benefit.

To inform you better this website poses questions you may want to ask and gives you information to help you form an opinion as to whether treatment here would suitable and of benefit to you. Find these under Q&A.

Our aim to provide you with state-of-the-art dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment. We will focus on the whole care of your mouth – healthy gums, fresh breath and beautiful white teeth.We are here to listen and take care of you, whilst fulfilling your expectations.As a practice, we are dedicated to preventive dentistry. We make sure you stay informed about your oral health and the ways to protect it. Our preventive services aim to identify and resolve existing issues before they worsen and to prevent potential problems. We provide information and support when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy and we inform you about the risks associated with taking your oral health for granted and the things you can do to avoid those consequences.

Wongan Dental Emergency Appointments

Should you require an urgent appointment, we will be very flexible to see you as quickly as possible. Toothache and dental problems are best treated as early as possible. We have an After Hours and Weekends Emergency Number – 047 677 4558


Prevent damage to our youngsters’ teeth when playing sport. There is no gap charge if you’re privately insured, as with all our treatment.

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