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To inform you better this Q&A Section poses questions you may want to ask and gives you information you need to know to help you form an opinion as to whether treatment here would be of benefit to you.

Cross Infection

What Cross Infection Procedures do you implement ?

There have been recent cases of all patients of some dental practices in NSW being advised to take tests for blood borne viruses due to poor cross-infection protocols.
We take the prevention of patient-patient cross-infection extremely seriously.

We sterilise our instruments in a vacuum Class B device that complies with the highest international standards and is calibrated in the Surgery by specialists from Perth. It also complies fully with Australian Standards and sterility is confirmed by Western Diagnostics sampling. This autoclave machine is also tested with a Helix device to ensure complete functionality and the results are digitally recorded.

Barrier systems are used extensively on lights, suction devices and trays together with staff gloves and masks. You may see Dr Morgan change his gloves several times during an appointment to preserve cleanliness. If you are having surgery Dr Morgan will gown up. We also have an air and spittoon suction venting system which reduces the bacterial count in the surgery air we breathe. The surgery is thoroughly disinfected between patients

Dr Morgan and his partner Nurse Lara have regular medical examinations.


Medical Emergencies

What if I feel unwell during my treatment and I need urgent help ?

If you have given us an accurate Medical History we would hope to avoid this type of emergency.

In the event of a problem our surgery is fully equipped and staff are trained to deal with medical emergencies.



You say I need an X-ray but I am concerned about the effects of radiation - why do I need one ?

We need to see what is happening inside your jaws to help form an accurate diagnosis of your problem. We relate the treatment we provide to this accurate diagnosis. If we are not able to gather this information it may happen that we cannot treat you. Our Digital X-ray equipment is the latest development of radiation technology and your exposure is minimal. We also use a lead shield with thyroid protection to protect you and this acts as a complete barrier.

You've told me I need a whole of mouth X-ray scan - what happens now and how much will it cost me ?

We will give you a referral letter and you can choose which suburb is convenient for you – you will not have to make an appointment at most centres but Midland Perth Radiology Clinic prefers it. We are digitally connected to both SKG and Perth Radiology - they carry out the scan and send the image directly to us. There will be no cost to you if you are covered by Medicare and hold a concession card, without a concession the gap usually is $49.50.

Alternatively, we can refer you to the public hospital in Northam but here an appointment is essential and you will receive a film and bring it back to the practice.

Rather than install this equipment ourselves and charge you an expensive fee we think this is a better way.

Everything is Digital these days - What does it mean ?

'Digital'  is the practical use in computers of the Boolean algebraic and Binary number system concepts. In dentistry it gives us increased efficiency and improved patient treatment and communication in our modern equipment.

Modern practices have computers and software installed for X-rays, intra oral cameras, model scanning and patient communication and dental chair systems. Computers are also used in dental laboratories in the construction of restorations. An exciting development to look forward to in dentistry will be the 3D printing of implant structures, restorations and dentures.



What is the intra-oral camera for ?

We have a digital intra oral camera and can show you the problems that we find and will need to treat. This will give you a better understanding of what we are going to do, and why.


You've told me that I need a lot of treatment to get my mouth healthy but I can't afford it - can you do it anyway and I pay later ?

Not here. Some practices will help you with this but we do not have the facility to deal with fee collecting schemes. Here we would do the most urgent treatment first and gradually do the rest as you can afford it.

Are you a Health Fund Preferred Provider ?

We are registered as an HBF Member Plus Practice and give you the treatment cost savings that this new initiative provides.
We are connected to all major Health Funds under our HICAPS system for direct electronic rebates and normally do not collect a Gap payment in order to provide the minimum treatment cost for you. If dental technician support is required (Crowns/Dentures) there will be a Gap payment collected to cover their fees.
We give every patient independent advice and a quality result based on their clinical presentation.


Your fees are low and you normally don't collect a Gap Payment - How do you do this without compromising the quality of treatment ?

We can do this because we are a Dentist/Nurse partnership providing this high quality service from our own home with low overheads.
We live in Wongan and contribute to the community and support it in this way. We have superb modern equipment and use only the best materials and technicians.

Do you treat Veterans, Government subsidized and Child DBS Scheme patients ?

Yes We treat all patients to the same high standard.
In January 2019 we are informed that there is a one year waiting list for funding/treatment to be given to patients after we submit to the Country Patients Subsidy Scheme for approval. As a safety net patients are granted automatic funding for normally two emergency visits per year.
1. Dept of Veteran Affairs.
2. Country Patients Subsidy Scheme which includes:
Health Care Card / Pensioner Concession Card / Benefit Recipients /Veterans and Spouses who are not entitled to DVA Subsidy / Young adults living at home receiving and receiving benefits - (parent makes their application).
A Current Statement of Benefit - (within 14 days of your first appointment) - is required for our application.
3. Child Dental Benefit Subsidy Scheme.
We Bulk Bill our Fees under this scheme and if you are eligible you are encouraged to improve your children's dental health by using this benefit. We only carry out treatment that is clinically indicated.

As both the Federal and State Government Dental Benefits Schemes administer taxpayer funds there is an administration/funding factor to ensure responsible financial prudence. Under the Country Patient Subsidy Scheme we can treat emergencies straight away but will need to apply to Dental Services for approval to carry out other treatment.



I'm concerned about sharing information about my medical history as this is very personal to me ?

Whilst we can judge your general physical condition by how you look there are many conditions you may have and medications you take that we need to know about which may modify the way we carry out treatment and the type of medication we prescribe. We are not judgemental and absolute confidentiality is assured. Our clinical systems are not internet based and your personal details cannot be accessed. We maintain absolute confidentiality and our Privacy Policy is available in a link on this website and at reception.

Health Advice

You're always telling me that I need to clean my mouth more, brush my gums and look after myself better - Why is it so important ?

You come to us for oral health advice and that is what you receive. Latest research shows that poor oral health can be associated with serious conditions such as diabetes, heart and circulation problems. The mechanism of this is not clear at present but they are linked. There are also the social and nutritional disadvantages of poor mouth condition.

We have a duty to inform you on how to improve your health with oral hygiene advice, tobacco and alcohol counselling, sun protection warnings and lifestyle sexual activity choices -  from the oral health perspective.  Armed with this knowledge you may make your own decisions.


I’m disabled and need help with getting my mouth healthy. Can I come to you ?

Yes. We are disabled friendly in this practice with the disabled video entry phone at path level on the Ackland Street entrance and direct entry to the surgery and waiting room off Quinlan Street. Our washroom facility is disability equipped to Australian Standards and includes a disabled call alarm.

There are different levels of disability and when we offer you an appointment you will be asked about your particular circumstances. If thought advisable we will visit you at home in the Wongan Ballidu Shire for a screening, without charge, to assess whether we can carry out the treatment here or if more specialist facilities are necessary. Our practice is appointment only for all patients.

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