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Dentistry for Children

Children that are comfortable with their surroundings learn very quickly. At Wongan Dental we like seeing children and are supportive and educational, caring and patient. Childhood is an exciting time tooth-wise with many changes taking place with new baby teeth erupting and all those tooth fairies flying about. The baby teeth will then be lost and the gappy phase starts as the permanent teeth come through. Permanent teeth on children always look too big but will fit in later when their facial structure develops.

Boy Loosing Milk Teeth

Childhood is the time to introduce good dental health patterns which will last a lifetime.

Don’t wait for a problem.

Mother and Son

Don’t wait for a problem such as toothache or a fall to bring children in for the first time. It’s a bit overwhelming for them.
Bring them with you when you come for a check up and will not need anything done – they can ride in the chair and get used to the dental surgery environment and staff.

Also before coming to see us please do not say things like – ‘It’s not going to hurt ‘. ‘You won’t feel any pain‘. ‘You’re a big boy/girl now, don’t be afraid – be brave, you won’t feel the prick, the needle’s really small’.
You will frighten them unnecessarily – just say nothing.
Putting anxieties from your dental past onto your children does not help them – dentistry is different now and let them form their own opinions.

Tothbrush and Tooth Paste


We promote preventive dentistry with an ongoing programme to reduce future problems.

We can prevent decay at home with daily home brushing and healthy eating that limits sugar intake and fizzy and sweet drinks. Combine this with regular check ups, In Practice fluoride applications and fissure sealing and our children will have

Teeth for Life.


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